Many of us wondered about some great benefits of Mathematics during our childhood days. She has also written three non-fiction books, The Ebook of Miniature Horses (The Lyons Press, 2005) The Book of Draft Horses: The Horse That Constructed the World (The Lyons Press, 2007) and The Ebook of Mules: Deciding on, Breeding, and Caring for Equine Hybrids (The Lyons Press, 2008.) Along with her books Donna has written articles for a number of regional and nationwide magazines together with Grit Magazine, Again House Magazine, Secure Management Magazine, USA Equestrian, Younger Rider, The Chronicle of the Horse, Boys Life, The Gaited Horse, Western Mule, The Brayer, Our State, Carolina Nation and daily

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To the prehistoric peoples, horses had been an necessary meals supply and a supply of significant materials needed for survival – specifically bones and conceal. Leisure by means of cinema is one of the most remarkable invention of science in our daily life.