The use of a VPN has been recommended times and times again as the best means of accessing the Internet as there is an assurance of privacy and security of your information. The recent consistent breaches in data make it even more important to ensure that your data is highly secure and cannot be compromised.

According to, there seems to be no network that cannot be breached any longer. Before this time, the focus of VPN use has always been on insecure connections. However, in recent times, even our seemingly trusted connections are prone to these breaches and government surveillance also. Hence, VPN is a round option. As such, the search for the best VPN to use becomes a priority.

There are a lot of VPN options available for use, both paid and unpaid. One question most people ask from available internet services reviews is “if there are free VPNs, why else do I need to pay for them?” Free seems like the most convenient, right?

There is no fixed response for this, however, let’s dive in to see the various features of a VPN and how it works with the free and paid version.

Services provided

However free a thing is said to be, someone or something is paying for its supposed no charges. With free VPN, this occurs by advertisement. Your browsing activities are sold to bodies who want to advertise their products on your timeliness.

So you are using your phone with a free VPN and you can’t seem to get a rest from the numerous adverts pop-ups. This is one of the ‘prices’ you get to pay for your ‘free”. This will seem like not much of a big deal until you realise that your privacy has been somewhat compromised as a result.

Paid VPNs on the other hand remain uncompromising and even have other options available for use such as support to guide users in case of any emergency. There is more security and the user’s best interest is the focus and they are extremely protected.


Your streaming experience will not be at its best with free VPN as some speed reduction characteristics come with the reduction in encryption rate that comes with free VPN. Your streams will also be constantly interrupted with different ads as this is the major source of funding for the free VPN services.

Most of the companies that offer free VPN services also have their paid versions, so it is only natural that they do not provide access to all their features in the free platform as bait to make you opt for their paid services in the long run.

From the above, it can be deduced that free VPNs are best used for short one-time affairs while for a person that is considering the use of VPN as his only source of internet, getting a paid VPN is the best bet, especially in business issues.